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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Attorneys expensive?

They can be if you choose the wrong attorney. Cases only become expensive if the wrong routes are taken, unnecessary calls are made or unwarranted steps are taken. At Elaine Jordaan Attorneys, we will always discuss your options and advise you on what each entails. We will attempt to provide you with an estimate of each decision and continue to update you on all costs incurred to ensure you always make an informed decision.

Do I need an Attorney?

Not all matters require an Attorney, but it is always advised to have one. This is to ensure that your matter proceeds smoothly without unnecessary delays and to ensure you get the best outcome possible. Our clients also can’t afford to spend the whole day in court and we will gladly fill this role for you.

How long will my Divorce take?

This depends largely on both parties involved. If you are able to amicably discuss the division of assets, minor children, etc. the divorce process can be really pain-free and fast. It is only when the parties disagree that a divorce can take longer.

Will my debtor pay all my legal fees?

We always request the court that the debtor be held responsible for all your legal fees (including those incurred on an attorney-client basis). The courts have discretion on whether to allow this or not.

What is the difference between attorney-client fees and party-and-party fees?

Attorney-and-client fees are those fees you and your attorney specifically agree to (normally in the mandate agreement). Party-and-party fees are prescribed by our courts and are the same for all litigants irrespective of your matter.

What do I get in my first consultation?

Our first 1-hour consultation is free. The purpose of the first consultation is for the attorney to be able to determine the merits of your case and whether our firm can be of assistance. It also gives you the opportunity to decide if you feel comfortable with the attorney representing you. Often times this is a vital point overlooked by clients. Once the merit report has been concluded, the attorney will advise you of the legal position, process, cost, and what the next step will be.

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