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Comprehensive Correspondent Solutions

Correspondent Attorneys

We run an expeditious correspondent practice, assisting attorneys in running matters in Courts situated in areas beyond their jurisdiction. Our firm is situated in an area which falls within the jurisdiction of the following Courts:

  •  Somerset West Regional Court
  •  Strand Magistrate’s Court


Elegant. Simplified. Law.

Elaine Jordaan Attorneys is a young, dynamic, and well-respected law firm and it is our privilege to act as your correspondent in any legal matter. We can assist in drafting, court-appearances, and the appointment of council amongst others. A comprehensive fee agreement is concluded placing you in a position to effectively provide information to your client. Regular updates are given allowing you and your client complete control and reassurance throughout the process. We take what we do very seriously and will act in your firm’s best interests at all times.

We are situated in Somerset West and are therefore ideally located to act as your local correspondent in all litigation matters.

Attorneys Somerset West

We Provide

  • Regular progress reports and feedback;
  • Cost effective representation of your firm and execution of your client’s objectives;
  • Competitive rates;
  • Fully itemised monthly accounts; and
  • Dedicated legal service.
Attorneys Somerset West


We have jurisdiction in the following courts:

  1. Somerset West Regional Court
  2. Strand Magistrate’s Court

Our offices have a great working relationship with the staff members at the above mentioned Courts, which ensures efficient and speedy service.

Attorneys Somerset West

Our Fees

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