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Deceased Estates & Wills

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Life can be unexpected. Draft your last Will and Testament and make sure your loved ones are always taken care of. It is important to update your will after any major event in your life.




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Top 5 consequences of Not having a will

  1. You forfeit the opportunity to decide who inherits what and your Estate is distributed according to South African law. This means people who you may not have wanted to benefit from your Estate may inherit your Estate.
  2. Your Partner may be left with nothing if you are not married or your Will is not updated from a previous marriage.
  3. Your Children’s inheritance could pass to the Government Guardian’s Fund or appointed Guardian rather than to a Trust that will ensure your wishes for them are carried out.
  4. Family feuds often occur when family members argue over the distribution of your Estate when final wishes are not clearly documented in a Will.
  5. Winding up your Estate can take years – without a Will appointing a professional Executor, the government is essentially in control of the process.
Attorneys Somerset West

The hidden costs of dying

  1. Administration charges (the executor’s remuneration).
  2. Valuation costs of assets for estate duty purposes.
  3. Advertising costs (advertisements for calling on creditors and giving notice that the liquidation and distribution account is open for inspection).
  4. Costs for provision of security to the Master (a security bond protects an estate from any negligent act from the executor).
  5. Estate bank account charges.
  6. Transfer costs of fixed property to an heir (determined by a sliding scale issued by the Law Society).
  7. Cancellation costs of bonds registered over fixed property in the estate.
  8. Rates and taxes payable to the City Council with the transfer of fixed property.
  9. Postage.
  10. Funeral costs.

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