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Debt Collection and Related Litigation

Experts in Debt Collection

As the saying goes “cashflow is king”. Delayed debt collection is eating away at your bottom line. We provide faster returns through a smarter solution in an affordable way.

We recover debt across all industries and have a vast network of correspondents to assist us in any jurisdiction.

We service the entire debt collection life cycle, from early arrears to final payment.



Elegant. Simplified. Law.

We are committed to fair debt collection practices and conduct ourselves with the utmost degree of integrity and ethical behaviour. 

Attorneys Somerset West

Our Services:

  • Summons,
  • Consent to judgement,
  • Acknowledgement of debt,
  • Emolument attachment order,
  • Garnishee order, and
  • A warrant of execution against movable and immovable property.
  • Section 65 proceedings
Attorneys Somerset West

Important things to remember regarding debt:

  • Debts can prescribe i.e. expire.
  • Always get it in writing, it makes proving the debt easier.
  • Make sure you have all the relevant contact information of the debtor.
  • After judgment, most debts are paid in installments.
  • Debt collection can become expensive, make sure the debt is worth it.

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